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**** see the last post for the latest update ****

The beta series for v3.5 has started and will be updated with more enhancements over the coming months. See the last post for the most recent download link.

Follow for notifications when updates are made available

Note that MusicBee now requires .NET 4.8 to be installed on your computer, which should already be the case for most people


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this is an incremental update and includes all changes since version 3.4 - unzip (to the music folder MusicBee is installed for portable versions) and then run MusicBee_Setup_3_5_8150.exe
- upgraded to .NET 4.8. Most people should already have this installed on their machine
- Tools/ Artwork now includes an Artist Thumb Manager to manage artist thumb images used in the Artist view and thumbnail browser
- right click/ "Add to Playlist" is now "Include in Playlist" where you can now add or remove the selected track from playlists
- the track information panel can now show an indicator that there are PDF files in the album folder and clicking the icon opens the PDF file, or lets you select which one to view. See
- the track information panel now aggregates the following fields when multiple files are displayed: play count, skip count,  date last played (set to most recent date), and file size
- support for third header line in the artwork/ expanded panel view
- you can now override the number of columns displayed in the expanded panel by setting a maximum number of columns
- all fields now supported in custom views for the artwork layout
- encoder tag is no longer automatically added when saving/ rating files and is now view only in the tag editor
- "love" field can now be used in the column browser
- enhancements to the "Locate Track at Source" command
- multiple "lyricist" values are now supported
- when switching views, the current selected track is made visible (previously the position was reset to the first track)
- hotkeys for:
 - Tools: Manage Duplicates
 - Tools: Album Artwork Manager
 - Tools: Artist Thumb Manager
 - Send To: Replace Selected File with Another
 - Send To: Selected File Replaces another File
 - Tools: Remove Tags
- radio playlists can now allow you to specify a % or an absolute number of tracks in the mix
- playlist header panel now supports custom text colours to be specified when a custom background is used
- when the "tick" field is displayed, you can now right click/ Select all ticked files
- custom or virtual tags can be defined as type: Url in Tags(2)/ Configure Fields. This data type makes the value displayed in the track information panel clickable as a url link that opens in your default browser
- various improvements to the Duplicates manager:
- the following new functions can be used in Virtual tags:
 - $Abs(<field>)
 - $Add(<field>,<field>)
 - $CutLeft(<field>,length)
 - $CutRight(<field>,length)
 - $Div(<field>,<field>)
 - $Mod(<field>,<field>)
 - $Mul(<field>,<field>)
 - $Not(logical-condition)
 - $Sub(<field>,<field>)

translator file - updated new.txt file (this file is only used by translators and not required for the MusicBee application update):

links updated to remove disabling of mediakeys when windows media control plugin is active
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