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I think I asked this before but I need to ask again.  WHAT file does this info reside in for the Relink Music File Paths?  I've found a couple of .ini files but there is nothing in them about this.  Every time I want to redirect my older playlist to the new location I get this, below, filled in so I have to delete all of those filled in, useless paths so I can proceed.  It keeps me from really getting things done with rerouting these playlists as it's so annoying. 

Every time I dismiss the panel and then bring it back up to put in some new edited paths those older paths are put back in EVERY SINGLE TIME


So it would be nice to know if there is a way to tell MusicBee to FORGET those paths and if not then an editable file to delete them once and for all

Thanks so much! 



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I locked this post since it's a duplicate and the other one has the link to the image.
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