Author Topic: How do I play 5.1 surround sound files from my headphones?  (Read 734 times)


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There is a plugin for foobar that gives you surround sound 5.1 output for headphones, so I know what it's supposed to sound like. When I play the same file in wavepad or audacity, I hear the sound in stereo. However when I play it in musicbee, its not either. It sounds like it's trying to play it in 5.1 but its missing channels and still playing in stereo. I swear I got this to work earlier, but I created a filter for "5.1 Channel" tags and made a new tab for my surround sound library and now it's not working  >:(  Is there anything I could have done wrong? Anything I can do to fix this, I really like musicbee and hate foobar's ui. Thanks!