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A while back Steven mentioned an official Musicbee chromecast plugin.  Just wanted to see if that is on the roster for 3.5.


Thanks for this. I am actually 3/4 the way through doing a chromecast plugin as well but will have a look at what you have done
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I'm hoping that transcoding for chomecast as an option. Goggle chokes on hi-res, especially if you are streaming to a group. The only option at this point is to keep duplicate libraries - hi-res and a lower res option. Less than ideal and a royal pain in the butt, especially if you use tags to store ratings..


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I use Airparrot 3 to stream from PC to mutiple chromecasts (Duplicates the pc screen as well) and chromecast audio's from Musicbee. Works really well for me. I use MusicBee remote to control the PC from my phone or just use the pc itself.  It's not a free progamme but for me its well worth it to get the benefits of MusicBee remotely. I am not associated with Airparrot just I have found it just works.