Author Topic: Corsair keyboard volume rocker to control Music bee alone.  (Read 543 times)


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Bought a corsair keyboard [K95 Elite, uk layout with 6 Gkeys] assuming the volume rocker would control at very least the foremost application ignoring all else,  or at least could be set in iCue4.

Odd thing is it has controlled musicbee once or twice but only for a short time, 3 or? volume changes then reverted to system wide ... most strange.

Can anyone enlighten on this, is it possible to use the rocker to adjust ONLY musicbee excluding all else, or to assign a key change to swap media key control to musicbee (displayed via a colour change/flash when selected/controlling muscibee) the with a secondary click revert to system wide control (again displayed by a colour change upon key select then, and so on?

I've asked at corsair forums...... 6 months ago.

ps I'm aware of iVolume2 and not a fan of app upon app potential clashes with iCue4 already installed.  Although this method works I'd like to avoid .

'm also aware of Eartrumpet but as far as I know thats unassignable.

Any help appreciated.

ps That'll teach me, should have just bought an old Griffin powermate or Aimos usb volume control knob....  :-[