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For those of you who are located in Australia, New Zealand, the countries in the eastern part of the eastern hemisphere - how is 2022 looking so far?
Is it any better than 2021? Please say yes.

Hoping you all stay COVID-free and have a safe and healthy 2022.
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Their reports will be unreliable, since they will all be very drunk, and will tell you that everything is absoloosely fantasthicks in 2022.

All the best for the upcoming year to you too, and to anyone else reading this!


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Well we had a pretty good 2022 welcoming last night with some spectacular fireworks and some lovely weather, and despite covid cases surging out of control which is not something we have had to experience before, I somehow feel quite optimistic for 2022!
All the best for 2022


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I somehow feel quite optimistic for 2022!
All the best for 2022
Glad to hear it and I'm hoping it rubs off on me!  Best wishes to you and to all forum posters/readers for the New Year!