Author Topic: Volume Leveling: Automatically lower ReplayGain adjustment if clipping occurs  (Read 1353 times)


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When running Volume Leveling, MusicBee will alert you if the current gain adjustment would cause clipping, and also presents the amount by which clipping occurs for each affected track or album.

While this is a beneficial alert, it would be nice to have the option to automatically apply that adjustment.

For example, when using Volume Leveling on Dire Strait's Love Over Gold, I set the ReplayGain adjustment to -4.5dB. It calculated an album ReplayGain of -5.9dB, and for Private Investigations, a track ReplayGain of +1.7dB, and informed me that it would cause clipping by -0.5dB. I re-ran track only Volume Leveling with a new target of -5.0dB, and it calculated a track ReplayGain of +1.2dB. This means that the ReplayGain targets for this track were still -4.5dB for the album value, but lowered to -5.0dB for the track value as to prevent clipping.

This request is to have MusicBee re-run ReplayGain for a given track or album when the respective track or album ReplayGain target would cause clipping.