Author Topic: Clickable Tags in Track Information Panels  (Read 1734 times)

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(Specifically <Keywords>, but others too if relatively easy to implement)
Click on a word within a tag to filter all files containing that word within the tag. Multi-select capable would be a nice plus, too.

For example, in a semi-colon separated list of <Keywords>...
female; jazz bassist; bassist; singer; songwriter; composer; Boston; Massachusetts; United States; Caucasian; African; multi-racial; American
...clicking on "female" would filter all applicable files in the library. Clicking on "composer" would further drilldown the relevant files.

This could work by linking to the "search" bar, perhaps? Using the above example, if I click on a word contained within the <Keyword> tag, it would be equivalent to Search Specific Fields... -> Set Specific Fields... <Keyword>, entering "female" and "composer" into the search bar and then executing the search.

A clicked word would be highlighted when activated. Clicking a highlighted word would remove it from the filtering process. CTRL + Clicking a highlighted word and/or a hot key would clear all filtered terms.
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that sounds great! (if do-able / work-required to realize this is not making this unrealisitic... )
So +1 too.