Author Topic: How to prevent MusicBee from writing "DISPLAY ARTIST" and "DISPLAY COMPOSER"?  (Read 2039 times)


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I was wondering whether there is a way to disable MusicBee writing the "DISPLAY ARTIST" and "DISPLAY COMPOSER" tags to my files.
I like to tag my files once and then never touch them again.

Also I remember seeing one of moderators here say that MusicBee will never modify files on its own, can I assume that is still true except for the "DISPLAY *" tags?

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MusicBee by default will not edit or write tags when importing or playing files.

When a user makes edits and saves, then some other tags may be written.
The purpose for that is to improve the way MusicBee can manage and display these files, and for the sake of compatibility with e.g. portable music players and third party software such as other players and network audio streamers.