Author Topic: Is there any way to open a console window from the API?  (Read 7471 times)

Akira Q.

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So I went through the tutorial on how to set up a MusicBee plugin on the wiki, but I was wondering if there was any way to just open a standard console window.
Forms are good but just having something which I could easily send text to (especially with my very rudimentary C# knowledge) would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
(Just as a note, I tried just doing a standard write to the console and tried a few things in settings but I couldn't get anything working)


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If it's for piping the output of one program to another, not really sure how I'd go about that, but if it's for debugging a plugin and you're using Visual Studio, you could use Debug.WriteLine(). Remember to import the System.Diagnostics namespace though:

using System.Diagnostics;


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Having a standard console window can indeed be useful, especially for sending text easily.
While I'm not familiar with the specific requirements of MusicBee, in C#, you can use the AllocConsole function from the kernel32.dll library to create a new console window. Alternatively, you can redirect the standard input/output using the Console class in C# to achieve similar functionality.
If you're still looking for more guidance or examples, might have some helpful resources. They provide insights into grey box testing, which could potentially offer some valuable information related to your question.
I hope this helps, and best of luck with your MusicBee plugin development!
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