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I am giving MusicBee a try as it was recommended by my computing magazine but so far it's hopeless :-

(1) Every one of my Dylan tracks is listed twice but every other artist is fine !
(2) When I search internet for an album picture it works but then it sticks the same picture on loads of other albums !
(3) In the midst of my Dylan albums it is putting some playlists that it seems to have invented all by itself !

Any ideas what I am doing wrong ?   Thanks for any help you can give.


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Hi, welcome (back) to the forum!

1) This is probably a cue sheet issue. Look in the tag editor for something about a cue sheet, which should show up on the main tab under the artwork.

2) This usually happens when files from different albums are in the same folder and you have the artwork configured to be stored as a folder.jpg or cover.jpg. Check your settings in Tags (1) preferences.

3) Are you including playlists when you scan a folder for new files? See if there are .m3u or other playlist files in the folders that are being scanned in.
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Note, I am still learning myself, but your album image problem and the cue sheet response is familiar because I just learned something I had been "doing wrong". I was ripping CDs with the "file per disc with cuesheet" selected in the "Rip CD" window (alt-r shortcut), rather than "file per track". Not sure when I changed this, but I discovered it because I started having the same problem that the LAST-internet-found OR otherwise-copied image was appearing for two just-ripped albums by Armatrading: It wasn't until I guessed/found my problem and re-ripped one album with "file per track" that the expected album folder was created -as with prior rips, and that the MB-found OR selected image was retained regardless of what I did with other album's image.

The only time I experienced your twice-listed-track problem was when I was doing some library-folder renaming, copying & pasting, etc., and MB was evidently reading two library folders. The invented-playlist problem I have not seen.

Take your time: Learning MB is fun and worth it.
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