Author Topic: [RESOLVED] How to "Auto Embed" Artist pics auto-downloaded by MB...?  (Read 2034 times)


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UPDATE... See the Solution below...   :-*

So, haven't cared about Artist pics yet, but now I want my MP3s to be complete with both Front Cover and Artist pics, so was wondering how I get the Artist pics also embedded by MB?

Also, when I get them embedded MB won't go and "still" download and display them right?
I saw some talk about this in 2018 on the forum that someone's Artist pics were being overwritten by MB, for "display" anyway.  Has this been fixed?
One reason I ask is because "some" of the images I'll want to change, so I don't want MB displaying another image.

Further, I would like to request that MB needs a "function change" in that NOTHING should be "automatic" unless we've manually set the setting to do so in Settings.  Why?  Because I had a serious problem with MediaMonkey in which even though they have a section in which you can set what tags are updated or not, and I set those settings, MM STILL downloaded and literally REPLACED all my tags.  And they said it's "designed" to do this....

I was just trying to update Lyrics, and they said that on "save" ALL tags will be updated according to their database....  This was absolutely terrible, and I was trying to prevent just that in Settings, and had I not had a backup of my music files that hadn't been "fully" touched, I would have been in deep ****, manually fixing every single mp3, some 3,500, which I had already spent over a 100+ hours doing so manually using MusicBrainz Picard and Mp3tag...

Anyway, the reason I mention this is when I went into Artist Display in the Main Panel, and previous Theatre mode or whatever, I noticed Artist images were being "auto-downloaded".  Now, it's good it's not "imbedding" them at least into the files, but something else should be done for auto-stuff, which will save some resources too.  For example, if we want to use the Artist display, there could be a "note" at the top which indicates we need to activate auto-download for Artist Images in Settings.

Anyway, bottom line is I'm looking to embed Artist images into the song files.  I noticed MB downloaded them all when I went to that view.  Can I do that with MB, or is there another recommended method to do this by "auto"?  Auto's fine for me in this particular instance for those particular empty "tags".

P.S. Forgot to mention that I know about the Settings for Artwork retrieval and saving/embedding.
My big question is if I enable that, "what" Artwork is the program actually downloading and updating?
I don't want my Cover Art touched, or other Image tags, I just want to add the missing "Artist" Artwork?
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The short answer to your questions is that MusicBee doesn't embed artist images. It downloads an image for each artist for display purposes, such as the thumbnail browser or artist view, but that's never saved to any audio files. I'm not aware of a way to make it save to files except by editing each album and manually adding it under the Artist image category.

Album Covers are the only ones saved any other way, and that isn't automatic unless you turn on "auto-retrieve missing artwork for the playing track." However, ANY artwork you save to the file, such as by pasting, will be applied as the Album Cover unless you're specifically adding it through the edit dialogue where you can pick other categories. In fact, be careful with that because you can easily overwrite other artwork without meaning to. (I think that's less true if the artwork is not embedded, but I haven't ever investigated that as deelply as I'd like to.)

In other words, your best bet is to do any artwork or image editing that you want saved to the files by using the Artwork tab on the tag editor.

Further, I would like to request that MB needs a "function change" in that NOTHING should be "automatic" unless we've manually set the setting to do so in Settings.

By default, MusicBee changes nothing in your files without some input from you. It does still download artist images automatically, but as stated above those are not saved to the files.
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Thanks for the info...  Ya, not finding any "auto" method for the Artist Art.

I am trying to see if I can get the Album Art Downloader dev if he will add the ability to download and auto-embed the Artist Art with his program like it does for Album Art.
Manual seems to the the only way I'm finding so far...  LOL

As to "auto" adding of tags and such, I hope so, I do know I disabled a bunch of stuff in settings when I first installed, some of it seemed to be "auto" stuff, but maybe it all was "temporary" as you were saying and I was just scared ****less my tags would get edited like happened with MediaMonkey even though I did the same, disabled anything auto.  LOL.

Thanks again....  :)
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Hey all, with the help of Mp3tag, figured out how to Batch-add ARTIST images to MP3's....

Here's the solution.

1. create an ACTION "Import cover from file",
2. then select the folder/file directory in the first field (format string), replace a selected jpg with %artist%.jpg in the field (the file path should look like this C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\Thumb\%artist%.jpg for example),
3. then select Artist in the next field (Import Cover as),
4. and then ensure you have all the files you want to add the Artist images into in Mp3tags window and they are selected, and run the Action.

You will have been able to "batch process" individual artist images, embedding them ALL for every MP3. As noted above, MusicBee created thumbs of every artist and put them in a folder under the artist name which made this easy to then use Mp3tag.

NOTE also that artist images MusicBee didn't find will NOT be in that folder, so you will have to edit those music files manually. You'll get an error for those missing images when you run the above Action.
Also, this action can be done with "other" image types, just change accordingly.

Thanks to both MusicBee and Mp3tag for making this easy...

Oh, and also feel free to use your favorite file size reducer to reduce the image sizes if you want.  MB saves them at 1,000x1,000 pixels.
I reduced them to what I like the cover sizes to be at 640 pixels.  The program I used was XnViewMP.
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