Author Topic: Adds support for reading files from .zip, .rar, .7zip archives  (Read 2434 times)


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hi guys

I have been using with great pleasure for a few months now musibee

I wanted to know if there was a way to open the rar, zip and 7zip files?

I'll explain myself better:

I'm talking about the integrated option for both foobar and xmplay.
basically if I have an archive containing music files I would like to open it with musicbee directly by clicking with the right button (so that all the files in the archive are added all style playlists on musicbee)



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I would also like to request support to read from ZIP files, only reading no writing so the files don't change.
This way I can organize my files better and put one album into a single zip file.
I only need zip file support, rar/7z especially with solid option wouldn't be any good for this.
Memory usage is not a concern even with flac files, extracting a full track or even the full album to memory should not be an issue with the amount of memory PCs have nowadays.