Author Topic: Is it possible to sort by publishers (amount of releases or tracks)?  (Read 1449 times)


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I'd like to know which publishers are most represented in my library, is it possible to sort that way?

thank you


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While in Track view, right click the column name area. Now click "Set Displayed Fields". Scroll under "Other Fields" until you find "Publisher" now move it over to "Selected fields".

As for seeing the amount, all you need to do is highlight once you've sorted by publisher. Musicbee automatically shows all data for highlighted items at the bottom right (amount of songs for track view, amount of albums for album view, as well as file sizes, queued etc.)

If you don't highlight, then it'll show the data for everything in the current tab.

Here's a screenshot
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Adding to asdasdasd223's suggestion:

You could also add it as a column in the Column Browser, and set it to display 'show track count for each item'.
That will show you the amount of tracks from every publisher, but you won't be able to sort the column on amount.
That would have to be a wishlist item.