Author Topic: Better keyboard editing of tracks in CD ripping window  (Read 2641 times)


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I rip a lot of CDs and some of them don't have downloadable info so I have to enter them in.

I really wish the track titles, and other fields, were keyboard navigable so I could fly through the manual entry with just the keyboard. As it is, it's very tedious to have to click on each one  to edit.

I recently had to enter a 92-track instructional CD by hand. Ouch...


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The MB "Rip CD" screen only displays 6 details: "Album Artist", "Album", "Composer", "Genre", "Year", and "Track Title". Green 1-6 in screenshot
However, 5 additional details are missing: "Title", "Artist" (Contributing Artist in windows), "(Track) #", "Conductor", and "Part Of Set". Red 7-11 in screenshot
My personal preference is to delete the "Title" and "(Track) #" while setting "Album Artist" and "Artist" the same. So it would be nice to have a way to select which details you want filled in when ripping from cd. Editing these details after ripping is possible, just seems like a step that could be saved. Thank you!


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improved navigation (up/down and tab) for editing artists and titles in the cd rip panel is included in v3.5 which is available from the first forum topic