Author Topic: [SOLVED] Re-link music file paths throws a remote procedure call failure  (Read 1402 times)


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*update 3*
None of my other MusicBee installs on 2 different computers had issues accessing the network share. I poked around, looked at the FAQ, and ultimately ended up uninstalling MusicBee on the problem PC and re-installing it as portable. Not saying the portable installation fixed it, I just selected portable as it puts all the settings together.

I was hoping for a less brute force resolution, but its done.

I think the origin of the issue came from my deletion of a previous network share on the server that had the music files. When I recreated the music file share on the server the server assigned it the same drive letter as the old one. I think this confused MusicBee.


I've moved my music files to a new server recently and have just now tried to set up Musicbee on my desktop to point to the new location. When I launch the Re-link music file paths... function and try to select the new server I get a remote procedure call failure as shown below.

I can access the server via windows explorer, and on my cell phone. I can access other shared drives on different servers via the Re-link music file paths... and can move through their folder structures without error. The RPC failure occurs when I select the new file server. I don't even get a chance to select a folder.

I can launch VLC and browse to the new server and watch videos without error.

Any tips or suggestions on how to fix this?

I also get this error when trying to add files to the library

*update 2*
I just installed latest musicbee on windows 10 laptop and it has no issues finding the new server and the music files. I think there's something borked with my install on my desktop PC.

I'm currently on 3.4.7805 but this also occurred on the previous release.

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