Author Topic: Updating custom sort values not reflected in thumbnail explorer/column browser  (Read 1131 times)


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Possible bug or user error?  

Clint Mansell & Clint Walsh
Clint Mansell & Kevin Kiner

Both of these were changed to a custom sort value for album artist of 'Clint Mansell' so it would be grouped with all his other albums.

However this change is not being reflected in the thumbnail explorer / column browser.  It still lists three different album artists.  When I went again into the tag editor to double-check, these fields (under the 'Sorting' page) weren't checked even though the status bar states these tags were updated and external tag editors confirm it was.  When I check the custom sort values in the Preferences>Sorting/Grouping page, everything is there (although this is for field 'Artists' so I'm not sure that's relevant).

Checking 'enable custom sorting' makes no difference.  Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
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Custom sorting refers just to that, sorting. So it affects the order the tags are shown in, but it doesn't have any effect on grouping unless you're specifically using the Sort <whatever> tag.
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