Author Topic: Better handling of external tools with multiple files  (Read 928 times)


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I have shortcuts for Picard, mp3tag and Beets as external tools. For Picard and mp3tag, multiple selected files open in a single instance of the application.

Beets, being command line, requires that I have a string to open Powershell, then pass the <path> field to beets.

I just had a moment where I triggered the hotkey for the slot that is assigned to Beets by accident, and it tried to open 1500 Powershell/Beets instances at once which brought my machine to its knees.

My request is that Musicbee just not run a given external tool if a user-defined limit of selected files is exceeded, or that it detect that what are effectively repeats of the exact same command are being run; The web link tools do not open 15 tabs when I use my google link for an album when I have all its tracks selected.