Author Topic: On-The-Fly Opus-> Mp3 and ReplayGain running into some issues  (Read 930 times)


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When I convert an Opus file that has 'track: -18.7; album: -18.7' to mp3 I get a file with those same values but it is far too quiet.

If I manually delete the ReplayGain tags off the converted mp3 and rerun it through Volume Analysis I get 'track: 5.0db' and the playback volume is now identical to the original Opus file.

I have not been able to find a way to get MusicBee to recalculate proper ReplayGain tags on these on-the-fly Convnersions outside of manually removing the tags from any converted files on my portable player and running them through Volume Analysis again.

Are there any settings in MusicBee that help to deal with this ReplayGain issue when converting from Opus to mp3?

vincent kars

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Normally when one convert, the audio part is converted and the tags are copied one to one.
So I wonder if the Opus has the right value for Track.
If you select this "-18.7" track and send it to Volume Analyses, I expect it to change.

manually removing the tags
In general this not needed as they are overwritten.
Maybe duplicate tags? Use the tag inspector to verify

I use Sync to convert to a lossy format for portable use.
In Prefference > Devices > Settings you can set the option to level the volume


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Running the Opus files through Volume Analyzer results in the same ReplayGain Offsets, so for this file it is -18.7 again.

If I use the 'Preference > Devices > Settings>level the volume' setting, the resulting levels end up far too low as well.

Under the Tag Inspector is

The only place I see a ReplayGain value for Opus files in MusicBee is in the 'Track Gain' colum of the column display.
The displayed ReplayGain value is being applied to the TagInspector of Opus->Mp3 converted files and functions as expected, just with the level being far too low.