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I've often changed hotkey assignments to fit my own liking., Then when giving advice to a user I tell them to use a specific hotkey, mentioning the key assignment I see in my settings. Which is often incorrect since I changed it many years ago.

I would be nice to see which assignments are default and which have been changed from the default. I envision this by showing every hotkey assignment that has been changed in bold face type. I would include in this hotkey actions that have no default assignment, but have been assigned by the user.

Anyone who uses Firefox can see how helpful this is when looking at the many, many, MANY preferences are available (about:config)

Thanks for considering.
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At one point I listed all the defaults on the wiki, but I don't know if it's current anymore.

In any case, +1
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I'm not convinced this would benefit the average MusicBee user much, making it worth the burden put on MusicBee's developer.

The only reason for this wish seems to pertain to one user using a tweaked configuration, giving support to another user with a plain-vanilla configuration.
I am giving support like that myself, and for that specific purpose I have a portable installation of MusicBee that I never 'touch' or apply any tweak tweaks to.
So when another user asks a question and I am not sure what MusicBee's default settings are I just open my portable virgin MusicBee to check.

If the idea behind this wish is confirmed to be useful, it should probably also need to be carried over, and applied to each and every other settings panel?
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The lack of an option to restore a hotkey to its default value is also something that could be looked at in the future.
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I always support ideas that make MB more customizable and editable, but such a feature would benefit so few people to invest development time into, unless this is something very easy to program. That said, I am surprised there is  no "Reset to Default" button in the Hotkey options, or in all of MB from my quick search.

There is an ability to Save and Load settings from a .ini file, but I didn't find a "default Settings" .ini file in the MusicBee Program folder (it could be in another folder like AppData or MyDocuments, etc). If there isn't a default settings file included with MB to rollback to, there definitely should be.

The next best thing you can probably do though is save your settings and find some way to roll yours back to default (uninstall/reinstall Musicbee) or you may be able to download the portable version and see what settings are there.