Author Topic: Sorting my Albums (in one genre) by the Date they have been added to my Harddisk  (Read 1298 times)


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There is quite al lot traffic in my Music Archive. Every week there are new Albums added.
And I would like to sort my Albums for example in the genre "Techno" by the date they have been added to my HDD/Computer.
Older Albums are far down, newer Albums on top.

Foobar can do this.
It really helps to keep an overview over die Musicarchive.

When I sort the Albums in Musicbee by "last added" oder "last edited" I just get shown when the Albums are added to the Musicbee Library. When I do a new installation of Musicbee all Albums are added at the same time to Musicbee. Older Albums are not marked as older ones, new ones not as newer ones.



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For MusicBee being able to read Window's 'date created' timestamp and making it possible to use it for tagging/filtering purposes.