Author Topic: Even Larger thumbnails in the Thumbnail Browser  (Read 456 times)


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Hello! I made an account just for this post, after asking on Reddit told me to make a suggestion. Original reddit post here:

Currently I do most of my browsing on this layout:

To replicate it for yourself, simply select the "Album and Tracks" view and set the thumbnails to "Large Thumbnails." Make sure the left-main-panel has the thumbnail browser enabled and visible in it.

I've been playing with the settings trying to get the thumbnails larger, and here's what I've come up with:

To do that: Use the main panel header menu to select Artist view. Right click Artists -> Customize Panel, set "Show tracks for the selected album or artist" to "To the right of the main panel." Also select "Fit artwork to the size of the panel." Then select any artist, and shrink the artist pictures panel until only one column of pictures is still shown.

I made a custom view for this an exported it so it's easier to see it:

Now, I like that! The only thing I don't like is that the album pictures are forced above the tracks in the album, and are smaller than I like them to be. In fact, I can't find ANY way to customize the layout of the panel that appears to show the albums/tracks for an artist.

So, this suggestion is to do one of two things:

1. When you select "Show tracks for the selected album or artist to the right of the main panel," make the new panel that appears be identical to that of the "Album and Tracks" main panel view

or, I think this would be even easier

2. Make the thumbnails in the Thumbnail Browser customizeable, rather than just having 4 options (small, medium, large, none). If you configure the Artist view, there is a setting called "Fit Artwork to the size of the panel." If you could manage to implement a similar setting I think that would do the trick.

Any thoughts?


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+1 to both ideas, specially to the second suggestion

I find the current options for the thumbnail browser quite limiting, I'd prefer it if the thumbnail size could be adjustable with a slider (like album covers are in Covers view) but this suggestion would be a good solution too.


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It isnt straight-forward to have the pictures fit the panel width so i have added 2 extra large sizes 175px and 250px, scaled by the screen dpi. So just size the width of the panel yourself to the picture size
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files


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i made some minor enhancements and also the 2 large sizes are now 150px and 175px