Author Topic: Creating Auto-Playlists containing the oldest/most recent Album of artists  (Read 363 times)


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I'm trying to create Auto-Playlists containing either the oldest or the most recent Album of a set of artists.
Like let's say I have three Artists A, B, C and I have three albums 1, 2, 3 from each inside my library,  the first Playlist is supposed to contain only the oldest of each of the Artists Albums; A1, B1, C1. As soon as I add an Album from Artist A wich is older than A1, the Playlist should exchange this new Album with A1.

I've tried to work with virtual-tags, to somehow automatically assign numbers to each Album of each artist corresponding to their chronological order, but did not get it to work. Also this wouldn't help me with the Playlist containing only latest releases.

Does anyone see a way to do this?

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