Author Topic: Deny addiing duplicate tracks always without prompt?  (Read 569 times)


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For some week I collect new songs (*.mp3) on various devices like smartphone, notebook and desktop computer.
Then I merge/copy them into one certain music folder which contains meanwhile some hundred files.
Now I want to add the new files to an existing playlist in MB.

In order not to have remember the filename of all new files or to copy them step by step I want to
mark ALL files from that folder and drag & drop them onto the playlist.
Existing song files should be ignored and only new files added.

Now at this point always a prompt appears "Duplicate tracks detected - do you want to add the tracks to this playlist"
I click NO.
Unfortunately in the lower left corner of the dialog only one of two necessary checkboxes appear:
 "always allow without asking"

I miss "always deny without asking". Alternatively the meaning of the checkbox could be changed to "always remember next button click without asking"
to cover both variants in one checkbox.

Or is there possibly a preference for this?