Author Topic: Changing Art Work On Artist Left Panel  (Read 1014 times)


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I want to change the image associated with an artist in the left panel that shows the "Album Artist."  I have tried right clicking on an image and copying it - then right clicking on the image on the left panel and choosing "Past Artwork," but it never works.  No matter how many times I try, the image does not change - reloading the program does not work.

So ... there has to be an easy way to change this image.  How?



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Hi, welcome to the forum!

You've found the correct way, so the question becomes why it isn't working. If you look at your error log (Help > About), are there any errors that look like they might be related?
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Do you have "show artist picture" ticked when you click the "Album Artist" button in the left panel?
And are you using the latest version from the downloads page?


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It doesn't work for me either. Ver. 3.4.76250 P and "ShowArtist Picture" selected. The "Paste Artwork" menu item cannot be selected (it is light gray).