Author Topic: Dynamically update Now Playing according to edits made to a playlist?/Vice Versa  (Read 649 times)


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Is there a way to dynamically update the upcoming tracks to play according to edits I make to a playlist? Because sometimes I'll make edits to a playlist that I am currently playing but I have to reupdate the Now Playing bar manually for those tracks to play/not play if I removed tracks instead. Likewise is it possible to edit the Now Playing list and have those changes automatically reflected in a playlist of my choosing? Essentially what I'm asking is if it's possible to sync the Now Playing list and any given playlist automatically, so they're "locked" together in a sense.

I realize I could just use the "Now Playing" feature alone without having to worry about a playlist, but I'd like to make use of such a feature if it exists for two reasons:
I like to archive playlists I make so having the final version available according to my edits made without having to go through my play history and make the playlist manually would be nice.
If I accidentally double click a song to play it outside of the playlist all the upcoming tracks I would have on Now playing would be lost so it'd be cool to have the playlist act as somewhat of a backup. (I realize normally just double clicking a song to play it would update the Now playing which would in turn update the playlist making that useless - I guess I then have to ask yet another question, is it possible to turn that feature off at least temporarily? Like have a quick access on/off button or something? Or otherwise make those sort of large scale changes have no impact on the playlist?)