Author Topic: Open Thumbnail in Album Covers in Album And Tracks View  (Read 322 times)


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Continuing my efforts to display disographical information, I have thought of another method. A method already largely at current disposal.

For those who enjoy the album cover thumbnails of "album covers" view, but want the expanded details capability of "Album And Tracks" View, is it possible to allow you to click an album in Album Covers, but instead of opening it in a Drop down- it will display the singular album in the Album And Tracks view mode.

Clicking the "Back" button would return you to Album Covers View.

This allows users to use the Album navigation capabilities of "Album Covers" View- and also give the expanded details Available in Album And Tracks.



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in the Album Covers view customisation settings, untick "show the tracks for the selected album" and tick "show tracks when an album picture is double clicked"


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Thanks Steven!

Would it be possible to to do it with single click also? I don't wanna sound nit picky, but double clicking constantly is very hard for me.

Rather than that, I have had another idea which relates to the click to play setting.

When hovering over an album, the could be an array of buttons (or just 2) where you can configure either play or navigate to album and tracks view

This would allow people to set the center button to a function as play (default) or "open" into album and tracks view.

For more experiences users, buttons could be set up in each corner to do different things such as "open containing folder" or other functions.
However, that is just a passing thought, and I can see how that could be a bit clunky and not the majority's forte.

Just to have a button in the center of the album cover when "click to play" is enabled rather than double clicking would make things so much easier for me
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