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Hi, I'm new to Musicbee and I hope this isn't something obvious or somthing that got already asked.
I used the search function and didn't find anything.

Is there a way to change the width of the left and right main panel (in the now playing panel). I display band bio and song title in those panels but they are quite small that makes it hard to read and and I have to scroll a lot.
So it would be great to make the side panels a bit wider.


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Same as you would with any Windows window. Hover over the border and once you see the two-headed arrow, drag it wider or narrower.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

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In every panel those arrows show up but not in the "now playing" panel. Could this be related to the skin?

EDIT: I tried several different skins, including the original one. There are no arrows (in said panel). The arrow shows up only for the right sidebar (showing the playlist).
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You cannot change the width of those elements.  You can put their contents in the sidebar - using tabs or stacking if there is more than one - and then adjust the sidebar width, though.


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What a pitty, the left and right panel would be a good way to use the huge space of the main panel while keeping other stuff in the sidebar.

Nevertheless I figured out that the right main panel gets wider when I make the right sidebar bigger (and the main panel smaller), On the left side this doesn't happen.

EDIT: I tried to add an image to show the change but it doesn't show up.

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Don't forget to check the guide here for linking pictures -

TLDR, right click image where its hosted and copy its address. Back on the MB forum, click insert picture in the toolbar and paste (it automates