Author Topic: What actions does "onClick" support?  (Read 6586 times)


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I wanna add a button to open the EditTag panel, but I don't know how to write.(I have tried OpenEditTag, OpenEditTags, EditTag, EditTags, etc. but no work)

The readme file only shows this

  - an element or a child element can contain a "onClick" or "onDoubleClick" attribute and on clicking/ double clicking the element, an action is performed. Supported values:  OpenNowPlayingAssistant, OpenAutoHidePanel  eg. onDoubleClick="OpenNowPlayingAssistant"

according to others TheaterMode config file, these actions are supported:

- PlayPrevious
- PlayPause
- PlayNext
- RepeatToggle
- ShuffleToggle
- VolumeToggleMute
- OpenNowPlayingAssistant
- OpenAutoHidePanel:#PanelNowPlayingList
- OpenAutoHidePanel:#RightSidebarArtist
- OpenFloatingPanel:#CoverResize
- PlayNow
- PlayPreviousAlbum
- PlayNextAlbum
- CloseWindow