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One of the things I liked most about the older edition of MusicBee that I was using until today was that I didn't have to look at pictures of artists and albums - I could just set it to compact mode, display a single piece of artwork as a background, and leave it at that.

Now I've updated to the newest version - it's been a few years since my last update - and the program is actually preventing me from removing the album artwork from the right hand panel, or displaying anything custom in the left hand panel (in compact mode). I'm very disappointed by this particular change.

Is there a way to return to the old display or something like it?


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Have you tried any of the different view modes? There are several, including theater modes which can be customized. There are also a ton of options for the regular layout, including not displaying the album art, etc. If you still can't figure out how to do what you want, can you give us a screenshot of your settings and explain exactly what's not working there?
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