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Hello everyone,

first, I know there are lots of topics about problems with Sub-Header and also there is a pinned topic in Tips & Tricks, but i can't solve it. I don't know what i have to do. Maybe i'm dumb or i don't understand it, because english is not my native language.

When i have 2 or more CDs who belongs to 1 Album, then i want to to show the name of the 2nd CD (if it's different to the first) behind the number of the Disc.

Here is a screenshot of it:

Disc 1, everything is fine for me, but Disc 2 is also known as "Tour Sampler". I want to see the Name from Disc 2 behind Disc 2.

Disc 1
Disc 2 - Tour Sampler

I hope you can recognize what my problem is and i'm sure it's much easier to solve this problem as it is for me.

Thanks and best regards from germany


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Assuming you're already using the Disc # tag, you can just create a custom tag (Edit > Edit Preferences > Tags (1)) to save the Disc Name part.

Click Define New Tags... and add it there if you want the values saved to the file and not just the MusicBee database

Then create a virtual tag in the same preferences screen with something like this:

$IsNull(<Disc#>,,"Disc "<Disc#>)$IsNull(<Disc Name>,,$IsNull(<Disc#>,,": ")<Disc Name>)
(Here, <Disc Name> is the name of the custom tag you've created)

Then in the Album and Tracks panel settings, select that virtual tag as the track sub-header.

That will give you this:

1. No value for the disc # or disc name tags. (i.e Shows nothing)
2. Value for disc # tag only.
3. Value for disc # and disc name tags.

This also lets you display a heading for some tracks even if there is no disc number.
For example, "Bonus Tracks" at the end of an album.
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Thank you very very much Zak. Perfect, now it's the way i want it  8)