Author Topic: Auto-tag: Update Missing Lyrics show already has lyrics  (Read 1686 times)


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While cleaning up tracks in Auto-tag: Update Missing Lyrics shows "already has lyrics" but the Lyric tag seems blank and shows empty in Music Bee and other tagging apps.

Version 3.3.7491  

here is an example

Auto-tagging in the
Playlist Explorer form
this track
returns "already has lyrics"
but there aren't any lyrics showing. If I click "Search Internet" lyrics are returned.
Other apps like "Tag & Rename" also show that there arent any embedded lyrics.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly?



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I'm pretty sure MB just looks at whether the lyric tag exists in the file for this information, regardless of if it actually has lyrics in it (to catch those marked "no lyrics").  If you look in the tag inspector screen for one of these files, what is listed for the lyrics tag?


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Thanks for the reply frankz!

Where is the tag inspector? I did find remove tags in Tools -> Tagging Tools

This is what I had done to clear the lyrics / other tags in multiple tracks (in bulk) at once
   Select all the tracks you want to change
   edit (Shift-Enter)
   select the lyrics tab
   put a check in the lyrics box
   clear any text that may be in the text box
   click save

I had also found lyrics with this text in them so I removed any "lyrics" plugins I had except MiniLyrics"
This text was in many tracks if anyone knows what plugin generates it - post back

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******