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I'd like to see an option to choose never to decrease the play count when syncing with I can understand why the default is the way it currently is, hence why I suggest an option rather than a straight-up change, but judging by my Googling before I figured out a problem I was having, I think I'm not the only one that would like the ability to manually increase the MusicBee play count in certain scenarios and know that it won't be undone by syncing to a LOWER play count from So if one enabled the option "Only increase play counts from, never decrease" (or some other/better phrasing), then a MusicBee play count of 10 could be increased to 15 (or whatever) as a result of the sync, but would never be decreased any lower than the existing count of 10 no matter the results of the sync.

I'm imagining a checkbox in Preferences > Plugins >, along with the existing checkboxes to "Synchronise Play Count" and Synchronise Loved tracks". And if the option is enabled, it would apply both when synchronizing at startup and when synchronizing manually through Tools > Tagging Tools.