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Musicbee has insane amount of customizability. But beginners might get confused as to where to begin once they have imported their music into the player. Following is the list of hotkeys I have been using from years for some of my most used functions. I hope old and new users find something useful here. The focus is on single-handed use. You will find the Hotkeys section in Preference (Ctrl+O).

General: Goto Playing Track at Source
 Ctrl+Enter (change from 'queue last')

General: Restart MusicBee

Playback: Play Next Track

Playback: Previous Track

Player: Volume Down

Player: Volume Up

Rating Now Playing: 3 stars
 Alt+3 (change from 'rating selected tracks: 3 stars')

Rating Now Playing: 4 stars
 Alt+4 (change from 'rating selected tracks: 4 stars')

Rating Now Playing: 5 stars
 Alt+5 (change from 'rating selected tracks: 5 stars')

Rating Now Playing: Toggle Love (on

Rating Now Playing: Unrated
 Alt+0 (change from 'rating selected tracks: no stars')
 Or Alt+- (change from 'rating selected tracks: unrated')

Delete all the remaining hotkeys for the group of 'Rating Selected Tracks'

Send To: Clipboard (selected files)
 Ctrl+Shift+C (settings of what is copied here can be edited in 'Tags (2) > "Send to clipboard" tags')

Note: I changed the hotkeys of the defaults of 'change rating of selected' into 'change rating of now playing' because it's easy to screw up the ratings of tracks if you have some files selected and press the wrong button without meaning to. You can change ratings of multiple files, instead, by selecting them and editing their properties.

I don't use hotkeys for 1 or 2 stars because if I dislike a track so much I delete it from my library.


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Hi there,

So is there a pause feature?

I thought stop would just stop the audio at that spot, but it's stopping it & moving it to the very beginning :(

I wanted to use the same hotkeys that are on YT & the spacebar I have for play/stop & I wanted K for pause, but I don't see a pause anywhere.



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Pause and Stop are different commands. As you say, Stop actually stops the track and resets it (releases it from use so that changes can be written, etc). Usually play and pause share the same button or hotkey.
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IIRC, <shift>-<pause> causes playback to stop. <pause> causes playback to errr, pause.

Unless I changed the defaults, the hotkey for Play/Pause is <ctrl>-P. And the hotkey for stop is <ctrl>-S. You can easily find the assigned hotkeys in Preferences > Hotkeys
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