Author Topic: Given up on Visualizers - Need help/clarification  (Read 9950 times)


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I used to use WinAmp, and may just find the download for the latest version they made before shutting down.

One reason I loved it was the visualizers, where most and as far as I can remember, reacted to the sound (frequencies), and I could at any time switch between different visualizers.

With MusicBee, I downloaded the three I could find in the download section, and was immediately put down as I could not find any instructions where to store extracted files.

Secondly after I finally found out where to store the files, I restarted MusicBee and saw that it now had several more Visualizer options.

However it may be me, or there is a bug. a) For the downloaded ones, if I switch visualizer during a song it goes blank (no visualizer). To get the different one to work I have to stop and restart. b) If I start visualizer before starting song, the visualizer will not work. c) The downloaded visualizers all keep going even if there is no music.

Thirdly are there any visualizers that actually responds the music, or more specifically the frequencies?