Author Topic: Auto ticking new podcasts should be reversed  (Read 1184 times)


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I don't know why when new podcast is released it is auto ticked, in the 'tick' column', but i think the reverse option will be more appropriate - when new podcast is released it remains 'untick' until you listen the podcast and then you 'tick' it.


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If something is unticked that usually means you want to exclude it from syncing, playlists, etc. So it makes sense to me that new ones are ticked.
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For me that is not natural behavior.
That may be so for you, but for most MB users, especially those who have been using it for quite some time, changing it now would cause lots of confusion.

Ticking -enables- or includes the ticked object in the process. It's the same as -selecting- a file to be included in a process. In Windows Explorer do you want to take action on the files that are -un-selected? No, you want the action to take place with the selected files. And that's what the tick does in your example - it is indicating an episode that hasn't been listened to.
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