Author Topic: ZUNE. A bold, minimalistic and accurate replica of Metro UI for compact view.  (Read 766 times)


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I had used the Xbox style and older Metro style for Theater Mode in the past, but they had slowly become outdated because of their lower resolutions and broken fonts. Since I had been working on a series of customizations to revive the revered Metro design system on various other apps, I figured I should try to redo these since the MB skinning language is relatively easy and quite flexible.

Download the latest release here:

Installation Instructions:

This is one of the 2 TMs I've made, and it is based on the UI on Zune and Windows Phone. It is meant to be used for Compact Mode on Musicbee, though you can use it on Now Playing view or Theater Mode view if you want, since I coded them to be quite responsive.

1-to-1 Detailed and Accurate Re-Creation of the Zune/WP7 Music UI
- Faded artist photos as backgrounds just like the real thing.
- Love, Shuffle, and Repeat buttons all work like it should.
- Iconography based on the latest icon fonts supplied on Windows 10.

Playing Queue, Lyrics, Bios all supported
- Authentic typography for the Now Playing Queue
- Navigate between the 3 pages using the top tabs (known as 'pivots')
- There's even a clock at the top right

Welcome back to the social.

Feel free to redistribute and the only thing I ask is to give proper credits back to me. That would help my livelihood since design is my job.

Enjoy!  8)
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