Author Topic: play count sync from is incorrect for a single, specific track  (Read 241 times)


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So this is a strange one. plugin is enabled, I have enabled the  "Synchronize Play Count" option.
By all appearances, this works!  However, one track (and only one track) is way off.

For some reason, the play count for this track (and only this track) is synced to be 57. reports my play count for this track as 6.
Every other track in my library (including all the other tracks on this same album) are correct and update as expected.

(I even pulled my entire play history from via the api and double-checked manually - 6 scrobbles.)

If I manually edit the play count in Musicbee and set it to 6, and then close/reopen, the value is updated to 57 again (which I guess is at least consistent with the checkbox / indicative that sync is to blame...)

Just before making this post, I even tried playing this track to see if I could get the count to increment, and it does.
After that most recent play, my "real" play count is now 7, but musicbee now thinks it is 58.

I recognize that this is a long shot, but anyone have any idea why this might be happening? 51 extra plays seems like a very odd thing indeed...


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Close MB, delete %AppData%/Local/MusicBee/LastFmPlayCountCache.dat and then resync.  It doesn't download the entire history each time, only incrementally, so if there are hosed plays in that file for some reason they'll keep getting put back in the playcount.