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Here's another issue I can't figure out, after importing my library from iTunes.  I have numerous albums flagged as "compilations" in iTunes where the individual tracks are from varying artists.  iTunes shows these grouped into a single album if you choose the iTunes albums view, or as a single album under "Compilations" if you choose the artist view.  Musicbee, however, seems to always split out the tracks and group them by individual track artist, regardless of whether you're trying to group by album or album artist instead.

e.g. I have a compilation album titled "111 Classical Masterpieces" (not surprisingly, comprised of 111 tracks) ... I want some way, in Musicbee, to click on this album title, and see just the tracks in the album, but I can't figure out how to do this.  Sorting by either "album" or "album artist" still seems to actually prefer grouping tracks by individual track artist name, rather than by album title or album artist.

In preferences, I have have grouping (under sorting/grouping tab) set the to the default which is 1. "album artist", 2. "album", and the checkbox enabled to set iTunes compilation album artist name to "Various Artists".

Here are some screenshots where I try sorting by "album" (which I would expect to group by album name, but it doesn't appear to do that) and "album artist".  In both cases I have "album cover" selected in the view pane.
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The first thing that comes to mind is that the "detect iTunes compilation" setting only applies when the album artist field is empty. So check that there aren't any album artist values set. You might also double check that the iTunes Compilation setting in the tag editor is checked for all the tracks.
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Yes I did check that, album artist is blank, and (in itunes) compilation is checked, for every song.

EDIT: I confirmed your suspicion after checking a little more ... in the Musicbee track editor, on the settings tab, "iTunes compilation" is not checked on these tracks.  Seeing as I just did a fresh import, it seems this is not correctly detected by Musicbee when importing from iTunes.  (I seem to recall that years ago iTunes stopped using an XML file to store library info, maybe Musicbee can only import this attribute from the old XML file format?)
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