Author Topic: [GUIDE] How to use Musicbee on Linux (Archlinux/Debian based distro)  (Read 83 times)


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Disclaimer : English is not my native language. Feel free to correct me if I'm not clear.


I lost a LOT of time tinkering with native linux music managers, trying to make them suitable for me. I should have directly tried to use Musicbee trough wine. Musicbee is clearly the best music manager out there ! 8)

I'm not the only one to try this out but some posts I read on the forum aren't really updated and they encourage people to install useless wine dependencies.  

I'm running Archlinux but I don't think it really matters. Here is what I've done :

1) Install wine-staging and winetricks. If you're on arch, I think you know how to do this...  ;)

sudo pacman -Sy wine-staging winetricks

Note : wine-mono package is useless (it just downloads wine-mono.msi but doesn't install it for wine) and you don't need wine-mono for Musicbee anyway.

Archlinux is easy.  ;)

For Debian-based distro, it's a little bit more annoying :

2) MS .NET 4.8 doesn't work with a 64bits wineprefix yet so you'll need to create a new 32bits wineprefix for MusicBee ! It's better to use distinct wineprefix than just one wineprefix for all you windows software because if you mess up with wine components, you can simply delete the wineprefix and start again.

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=path/to/whereYouWantYourWineprefix/.WineBee winecfg

Note : If you have a 4K screen, I suggest you to change the screen resolution to 240ppp in the tab Display.

3) Install Musicbee dependencies

WINEPREFIX=path/to/whereYouWantYourWineprefix/.WineBee winetricks -q dotnet48 xmllite gdiplus 

4) Download the lastest Musicbee version (take the full download) :

5) Unzip and install Musicbee

WINEPREFIX=path/to/whereYouWantYourWineprefix/.WineBee wine MusicBeeSetup_3_3.exe

Et voilĂ  ! :)

You can then create an alias to easily launch Musicbee. Here the command line to do this :

echo "alias Musicbee="WINEPREFIX=path/to/whereYouWantYourWineprefix/.WineBee wine path/to/whereYouWantYourWineprefix/.WineBee/drive_c/Program\ Files/MusicBee/MusicBee.exe" >> ~/.bashrc

Close your terminal and open a new one to use the new alias. Don't be afraid of all the errors in the terminal. It's normal when using Wine. The main thing is that Musicbee is perfectly running !

Current issues (WINE staging 4.20 - Musicbee 3.3) :

1) Error when dragging playlists into a folder from the left panel
WORKAROUND : Arrange the playlists from the file manager (in the Musicbee library folder)

2) Crash when trying to change settings in File converters section
WORKAROUND : None but It is still possible to use the format conversion feature (Menu-->Tools-->Convert Format)

3) You say to me
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