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Hello there,

if MB is configured to run an embedded visualizer, it isn't possible anymore to run an additional one outside of MB in a separate window.
Now everyone will start to ask: why this should be possible, does it make sense?

Well, let me explain why it could be a great feature if MB is able to run 2 visualizers in parallel.

Currently I use a Visualizer called "classic spectrum analyzer" embedded in the MB GUI - located in the bottom:


More infos about the "Classic Spectrum Analyzer" can be found here:

Unfortunately you are unable currently to run a "real" graphic visualizer like Milkdrop in parallel anymore, without the need to change the MB settings laboriously and dispense on GUI visualizers like "Classic Spectrum Analyzer".

So, it would be VERY WONDERFUL if there where an possibility to run an external visualizer plug-in simultaneously and in addition to an GUI embedded one.

Thanks for Your attention and support.
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Hi there,

I just would like to bump this up once more.

If an embedded visualizer is used to replace the functionality of an standard MB analyzer element, it's a little painful to need dispense on an beautiful graphic visualizer like Milk-Drop.

Maybe I missed some option therefore and it's already possible somehow.
If any one have an idea, it would be great to share how this can be set up to working.

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