Author Topic: AutoPlaylists ~ Sorting music with no artwork.  (Read 813 times)


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I am wondering, I have been trying to sort music...and I have made a few auto playlists to assist.
"Sort~NoArtist" "Sort~NoYear"...I want to Add "Sort~NoArtwork"

I see that there are custom options, but I have no idea how to create the custom option...or if I can even make it sort music with no album covers.

Any help with this would be super :)



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Do you want to actually play all the songs with no artwork, or are you simply trying to find them?
If it's the latter you could do it by:
(1) Go to tracks view and view your entire library
(2) Tools > Artwork > Album Artwork Manager
(3) Filter by No Artwork


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@ SkyZippr

I was struggling with this too.

Thank you for your advice.