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I have a .WebM file with Opus audio that I demux with Xmedia Recode to .ogg for better tagging and device support.

It plays fine in MusicBee, but when I try to edit the tags I get this error. The file is not read only.

* Well I ended up just demuxing to Opus. Now MusicBee doesn't have a problem. Though if I rate the track and then rescan it, the rating disappears. Not sure if that's to do with Opus tag support or MusicBee.
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I'm hoping OP found a solution to his problems sooner than my response (6mo later), but I am responding as a reference for anybody else in case they come across this post via an online search.  I had pretty much the same problem as OP - an ogg file that would not tag in MusicBee, with an error reading "Validation failed after attempting to save the file - the changes have not been saved" after trying to use the tagger.

It seems like the .ogg files had non-standard tag information or at least tags that MusicBee could read but not write, and MusicBee was unable to resolve this by itself.  I used a free piece of tagging software called Mp3tag to create a tag on the troublesome files, and then retried the tagger in MusicBee, and it worked fine.  In Mp3tag you don't need to tag everything to generate legitimate metadata in the files - just add 1 tag; I just add "Album Artist" because it's the same value for all tracks in an album.  Then MusicBee handles it fine from there.  Annoying extra step but it works.