Author Topic: Audiobook Chapters As Album Tracks  (Read 793 times)


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New to MusicBee and getting to grips with its abilities.

However, something I'd like to suggest is to do with audiobooks (.m4b). Please forgive me if this has already been requested and is finding its way into the next release.

I embed the cue sheet into my files, which works fine, and they show up, as they play, in the play bar at the bottom of the main window, but something I'd like to see is chapter headings treated the same way as album track listings.

Is it possible to read the cue sheet, embedded or external, and have it displayed, track style, in the Right Sidebar 'Playing Tracks'?

It's just a thought, but I think it would be really useful to audiobook users. It would mean they can go straight to the chapter, as you can a particular album track, rather than having to click the advance button on the player to get to the chapter they want.

Hope that makes sense.



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Please add this m4b chapter support! Also small interval skip (backward and forward), like -15 seconds and +15 seconds


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Also small interval skip (backward and forward), like -15 seconds and +15 seconds
You can find this under Preferences > Hotkeys > playback: skip
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