Author Topic: Settings tab in tag edits  (Read 1206 times)


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Right click on track, edit, then the settings tab is the bit I'm talking about.

I use a couple of things on here, firstly the equaliser preset and secondly the "exclude from playback".

I have my music on a large external drive, which also has all my movies, documents etc on it. When I travel I take a smaller 2TB drive that just has all my music files backed up on it and use the relink music files to just change the drive name. When I get home, I relink again to the default drive.

However, I've noticed that in doing this all the data in the settings tab has gone, meaning that the "auto-select by genre" function in the euqliser no longer works except for files tagged with one of the specific genre's in there.

Is this a bug or is it by design? Do you know of a workaround, I have nearly 40,000 music files so I don't want to have to keep putting it back manually.


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the values in the settings tab are not stored in music files ie. stored only in the MB database. So relinking a file to a different library will not carry the values across