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First of all, sorry my english is not my native language : P  and i am using google translate to try to make it clear in your language : - [  ... I would also like to reward the developer for this excellent music manager which is getting more perfect With each update : * , I imagine the immense work it must be.

Well, but without much ado, I'd like to request a feature that, at least for me, would be very essential:

While musicbee is active (in the foreground) and playing some music, would you have any option to avoid shutting down / suspending your computer?

I set my computer resources (power options) well and sometimes I put music to listen and my computer turns off the screen / goes on hold as per my system settings and "I stop listening" the songs. 8)

PS: I know I could disable this feature on the system, but it would be one more setting for me to remember to do and redo every time. :(

I have some other ideas too about personalization (which are already very good, but sometimes I don't know where to post or shame either. But I'll try to get organized for this.

And in advance, thank you for your attention.