Author Topic: windows batch open is limited to 15 songs  (Read 1104 times)


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But when i select and open more than 15 songs in an explorer window on windows 10 latest version
- either by right click -> open
- or click "open" on the top ribbon

musicbee opens only 15 songs in "now playing" and discards the rest.

With less than 15 songs, for example when I select 7 songs, it opens all 7 on the playlist.

The only way I can list them all on now playing is by dragging&dropping the songs in now playing manually.

I looked into the preferences but did not find no such limit.

How can I fix this? It is really annoying.


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What version are you using?

I've never experienced this in the 10+ years I've been using MB. So I just to make sure, I tried again. Using Windows File Explorer I selected 21 tracks and right-clicked on them and then clicked on 'play.' All 21 tracks appeared in the playing tracks panel. Tested with 3.3.7165 P
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Might be related to this Windows limitation:

However, I thought this was fixed in MusicBee a long time ago - are you using the latest version?
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Yes, this is a known Windows limitation. There is a workaround, it's linked from the FAQ.
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