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I would like to embed a 3 character code (eg JMJ, ERJ, TGJ) to identify if an album is mine or belongs to one of my kids.

The objective being, I can filter the playlist to only show my albums, or one of the kids may wish to only filter out my album collection.

I am assuming this filtering is possible.

Suggestions on the best place to embed this 3 character code?

Also, as an afterthought, if 2 or more family members happened to own the same album, perhaps the embedded field would have to contain 2 or more sets of 3 character codes?

Sergio Georgini

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You can easily do this with grouping. Right click an album and click edit. You're now on the tag editor. On the bottom is "Grouping". Put your code in there. Or if you wish for 2 or more people to have the same album filtered, you can put both codes in by separating them with a semicolon. Like this "JMJ; ERJ".

Now, after you have given your album a group, go to the "thumbnail browser". I'm not sure where it will be for you, but for me it's on the left panel at the bottom. If you can't find it then press the hamburger button in the top left corner of MusicBee and click Arrange Panels, and you can find it there to add to your configuration.

Once you have located the thumbnail browser, click the title of the heading (Not sure what it is by default. Maybe "Album"?) and then change that to Grouping.

That's it :)

This is the method I use in order to split up my library between Studio albums, EPs, Soundtracks etc. Hope it was helpful.
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If you have some other use for the grouping tag, you can also create a custom tag for this:
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