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I have ALREADY named several Companies who I work with AND respond almost immediately to bug reports and such requests. And I'll name one other who has just contracted me, LYFT, for "User Interface Analyst", they of course do have a very large team of Programmers, so it's kinda like apples and oranges there.
A great comparison that is. It's -exactly- apples and oranges. Not "kinda like apples and oranges." Lyft vs MusicBee. One is a company out to make as much money as they can, and the other is a guy sitting at his kitchen table fiddling around trying to make some users happy. And winning over thousands of users at the same time. Or is it 106,663 users because that's how many posts there are on the forum.
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Yeah, and I do a lot of software testing too!

And it is usually appreciated.
Not because I am that smart, but probably because I make the same (well, actually probably a lot more) mistakes, and display more unexpected behaviour than the other monkeys, and that will help the smart programmers to improve their product and make it more fool-proof.

So boasting about being some software-tester in my mind puts you somewhere between the zoo and a keyboard.

Enjoy, my fellow monkeys!

(and perhaps close this thread? It's becoming rather silly)
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I think I will close this before it becomes more heated. If there is more to be said relevant to the original topic, someone can make a new thread.
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