Author Topic: Volume differences between OPUS R128 and MP3 & FLAC Replay Gain  (Read 1123 times)


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MusicBee Version: 3.3.7056

I've got a lot of OPUS files that have R128 tags in it (the Replay Gain tags for OPUS files) that play with way lower volume than FLAC and MP3 files with Replay Gain files does. The Replay Gain properties under file properties with both OPUS, FLAC and MP3 are around the same. So the opus with -12db Replay Gain in Opus (with the R128 tags) has a way lower volume than -12db FLAC and MP3 does.

I don't have this issue in foobar2000. So it seems MusicBee reads the R128 and Replay Gain values different. I do have read that the R128 tag support is properly implemented as per spec as i've read here: But this does mean that with a mixed codec library like i have some albums will be way quieter than others which i use Replay Gain for in the first place: To get everything at the same volume.

To repoduce this, get a album in FLAC, convert it to OPUS and send both version to the Volume Analysis. Play then a track from the OPUS version for a minute and switch then to the FLAC version. The FLAC version should be louder than the OPUS version.

If you need more information, please let me know.



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